You never know what to expect from Oliver Tree. The singer/comedian has made a name for himself through his bizarre persona and unique style. He thrives on taking left turns when you least expect it- like making his latest project, Cowboy Tears, a country album.

At a recent performance at the Forgotten Runes NFT convention in New York City, Tree put his unpredictability on full display. When a fan rushed the stage during his set, Tree beat him up.

Rob Kim/Getty Images

In the video that has been making the rounds since the event, a fan can be seen dancing on stage as Tree performs. At first, the artist ignores him, but when the fan tries to put his hat on Tree’s head, he loses it and immediately puts him in a headlock. The two fall to the ground and Tree begins to wallop him with uppercut after uppercut.

After a few moments, security guards make it up on stage and intervene, pulling Tree off of him. It seems the fan slides back into the crowd. Tree is clearly riled up, shouting into the microphone, “Get the f**k out of here. Get this f**king prick out of here.” According to TMZ, people at the performance said the police weren’t called and the fan was escorted out of the space, though not before telling his fellow crowd members, “Don’t go on stage or you will get beat up by Oliver Tree.”

Take a look at the video below. It doesn’t look like Tree is too encumbered by his bulky costume.


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