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In every relationship one person loves the other partner more. That fact was evident when Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara participated in GQ magazine’s pre-Valentine’s Day “Modern Love” relationship issue.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback and his pop singer-turned homemaker wife participated in “The Couples’ Quiz” in which each partner asks the other questions about themselves that their partner should know.

“What’s my biggest fear?” Russell asked Ciara, who responds, “Is it L-O-S-I-N…?” But before she could spell out the word “losing,” Russell said, “Yes, losing you.”

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Russell’s female fans swooned over his undying devotion to his wife. But the men on one forum had a different perspective on Russell’s answer.

Some men referred to the effeminate quarterback as a “simp” who is more in love with his wife than she is with him.

“If i was his parent i would have a stern talking with him. Ol simpy mcsimp [sic],” wrote one commenter on the male-domination forum

“Yeah, that brother is starving,” wrote another commenter.

Another commenter gave a more detailed analysis, noting that Russell “leveled up” to Ciara.

“Russell seems like a good guy, but she has his nose wide open,” writes Crude Superstar.

“You can tell he didn’t have anything near her caliber before he became this all pro football player and one of the most recognizable faces in the NFL.

What’s funny about that is Ciara isn’t anything special. She might have a dynamite personality, but chances are he just leveled up and she also realized that she isn’t getting anything better than him either so she’s on her absolute best behavior.

Going from a guy like Future to Russell must be like daylight and dark.”



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Bruno Mars Takes To Twitter To Beg The Grammy’s For His Band ‘Silk Sonic’ To Perform





Bruno Mars isn’t too proud to beg, despite selling millions of records and winning countless awards.

The singer is requesting that his band, Silk Sonic, be added to the Grammy’s lineup at the last minute.

The “24K Magic” singer revealed earlier this month that he and Anderson.Paak are working on a Silk Sonic album. Their first song, “Leave the Door Open,” was released on Friday and will feature on the duo’s upcoming collaboration album.

After the Recording Academy announced the lineup for the upcoming award show, including Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, and John Mayer, Mars took to Twitter to request that the lineup be changed.

According to Bruno, Silk Sonic will adhere to all safety protocols and even joked that they are willing to audition for the role.

He went on to say that the duo “hasn’t been able to play in a while” and that they “just want to sing.”

Mars told organizers that “as many covid tests as we need” will be conducted.

“I promise we won’t be extra. We just really want a gig again. I hope you’ll consider this request and give us the opportunity to shine. Love, Silk Sonic.”

Fans are likely to be surprised that the artist is begging to be added as an addition on the Grammy’s since his 2016 album, “24k Magic” earned him an album of the year, a record of the year for the title track, and at the 2018 Grammy’s he won song of the year for “That’s What I Like.”

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Pepé Le Skunk scene cut from ‘Space Jam’ sequel





After canceling Dr. Seuss, the classic cartoon character Pepé Le Pew’s head is next on the chopping block.

The Looney Tunes character was dropped from the live animation sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy, starring LeBron James.

In one scene, Pepe, the bartender, flirts with Greice Santo’s character by kissing her arm which she rejects with an open handed slap.

Pepe then tells James and Bugs Bunny that Penelope Pussycat filed a restraining order against him. James responds that the skunk can’t go around kissing other cartoon characters without their consent.

Deadline states Santo was “upset” over the removal of the scene, according to her spokesperson.

“This was such a big deal for Greice to be in this movie. Even though Pepe is a cartoon character, if anyone was going to slap a sexual harasser like him, Greice wished it would be her,” said the spokesperson. “Now the scene is cut, and she doesn’t have that power to influence the world through younger generations who’ll be watching Space Jam 2, to let younger girls and younger boys know that Pepe’s behavior is unacceptable,” the statement read.” reports that the French skunk’s scenes were cut after director Malcolm D. Lee took over from the movie’s first director Terence Nance.

Lee desexualized curvaceous Looney Tunes cartoon character Lola Bunny whose curves dominated scenes in the original Space Jam starring the g.o.a.t Michael Jordan.

Charles Blow, a columnist for the New York Times, complained on Twitter that Pepe was too overly amorous in old cartoons. He said Pepe “normalized rape culture” and convinced boys that “no doesn’t mean no.”

Blow shared an old cartoon clip on Twitter of Pepe forcibly restraining and kissing Penelope.

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Derek Chauvin’s Trial Delayed Until Reinstating 3rd Degree Murder Charge





In the coming weeks, the trial of the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd will begin.

Derek Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Jury selection has started in preparation for the trial. The process of selecting the 12 members of the jury from Hennepin County is expected to take three weeks while prosecutors and defense attorneys work to ensure impartiality.

Questionnaires were sent to prospective jurors to see how much they had learned about the case and whether they had developed any opinions.

Some of the questions asked whether they had ever demonstrated against police brutality, whether they think the justice system is fair, and if so, how many times they had seen the bystander video of Floyd’s arrest.

Unlike other jury selection procedures, this jury pool will be questioned individually rather than in a group setting. The judge, defense attorney, and lawyers will all have the opportunity to question the defendant. The defense can object to up to 15 prospective jurors without offering a reason, while the prosecution can obstruct up to nine jurors without providing a reason. If the other side believes the only justification for disqualifying a juror is because of race or gender, they may object to these so-called peremptory challenges.

Both sides will object to an unlimited number of jurors “for cause,” which means they must provide a reason why the juror should not be selected.

Prosecutors will likely seek out jurors who support the Black Lives Matter movement or who are outraged by Floyd’s death, according to Mike Brandt, a local defense attorney, while Chauvin’s attorneys will likely favor jurors who support the police.

A total of 14 people will be chosen, two of which will not participate in the deliberations unless necessary. The names of the jury members will be kept secret until the court issues a new order.


Initially, Hennepin County District Judge Peter Cahill ruled that jury selection would be today as planned, but prosecutors have said they would petition the state Court of Appeals to order Cahill’s jury selection to be halted before a third-degree murder charge against him is resolved.

Prosecutors replied by requesting that the Court of Appeals put a hold on jury selection until the matter was resolved. They stated in their filing that they want to prevent a mistrial because the district court may not have allowed the trial to proceed. Due to the constitutional defense against double jeopardy, which states that an individual cannot be prosecuted twice for the same offense, the prosecution only has one opportunity to prosecute Chauvin.

Cahill sent prospective jurors home for the day, and the case was put on hold until the Appeals Court deliberated. Jury selection will be postponed until at least Tuesday, according to Cahill.

After a brief recess, Cahill said “I did indicate it was my intent that we’d go forward with motions and the jury selection unless someone tells me not to,” he added, “I think realistically we’re not going to get to any jury selection or we won’t have an answer until at least tomorrow.”

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