As the United States continues to mourn the lives lost in the Tops Market racist massacre in Buffalo, New York, a new tragedy has occurred in Texas. According to several major outlets, a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas stunned a local community after an 18-year-old went to Robb Elementary and opened fire. At this time, it has been stated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott that 14 students and one teacher have been killed in the fray.

CNN reported that 15 other students are currently being treated at the Uvalde Memorial Hospital. A “66-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl” are said to be in critical condition.

Abbott also revealed that the suspect, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos was a high school student. When the incident first occurred, the school district tweeted about the shooting.

“There is an active shooter at Robb Elementary,” it stated about the campus that housed second to fourth graders. “Law enforcement is on site. Your cooperation is needed at this time by not visiting the campus. As soon as more information is gathered it will be shared.” ABC News reported that a school employee told them that the shooting occurred “off campus” while the school remained under lockdown.

It was reported that Ramos shot his grandmother before storming into the school with multiple weapons.

“When parents drop their kids off at school, they have every expectation to know that they’re going to be able to pick their child up when that school day ends. And there are families who are in mourning right now,” Abbott said. “The state of Texas is in mourning with them for the reality that these parents are not going to be able to pick up their children.”

Fred Guttenberg, the father to a Parkland School shooting victim Jamie Guttenberg, told the press that legislators have failed America’s children by refusing to enact stricter gun laws. Read through several reactions from politicians below. 


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