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Pooh Shiesty’s Get Back Will Be Crazier Than When He Blew Up

Pooh Shiesty is going to take over the rap game once again even though he’s currently serving a five-year prison sentence—and we’re not too sure when he’s getting out.

Regardless of the circumstances he’s facing, Gucci Mane’s 1017 signee has remained 10-toes-down and optimistic that he’ll make a triumphant return to the music industry. A host of artists have recently begun their post-prison journeys and are adjusting to society in the digital age, including the likes of rappers such as BG of the Hot Boys and Atlanta native Ralo. While I’m sure artists like the individuals I just mentioned will fair fine in the real world, there’s a few reasons Pooh Shiesty will thrive almost immediately after he touches down from doing his bid.

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For starters, Pooh Shiesty really already beat the odds he was up against, because it really wasn’t looking good for him at all. I mean, a federal gun charge in Florida terrible—I’m talking worst case scenario vibes. And he was originally facing eight years in prison for the shooting that purportedly targeted 28-year-old Brandon Cooper but accepted a plea deal for a reduced sentence. As a result, his guilty plea to conspiracy to possess firearms in furtherance of crimes of violence and drug trafficking forced the prosecutors’ hands to approve a lighter sentence. And he got a year credit for time served, so in essence, he came out off a super s##### situation still smelling like roses in the grand scheme of things.

Secondly, Pooh Shiesty is still the “Menace of Memphis” as he previously mentioned. With more than four million monthly listeners on Spotify, it’s clear there’s still a major demand for his music. He’s managed to remain fairly active throughout his absence. Along with dropping his Shiesty Season: Certified LP last year and appearing on late rapper Big Scarr’s “Angel Dust” single this year, Shiesty is poised to really hit the ground running upon his return and a lot of that is due to the fact his popularity hasn’t waned. I think Nike is still selling out of the “Shiesty” masks every other week right now, so you know it’s gonna get OD extracurricular when he gets home.

That leads me to my final point— it’s clear music remained a priority for him throughout the entire time he’s been behind bars. Sure, he’s buying Ferrari’s off of his J-Pay collect calls, but he’s also apparently penning mad verses. Shiesty said he’s writing, at minimum, a song per day and has at least five or six albums ready to fly. Talk about proper preparation prevention poor performance for Pooh.

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