Canadians will be sad to hear that Pusha T won’t be visiting the country anytime soon. The It’s Almost Dry rapper has remained on his promotion grind and this time, he stopped by Drink Champs for an expansive interview about his career. In recent weeks, Pusha has been repeatedly asked about his previous beef with Drake, and he’s attacked every inquiry despite its repetition.

While chopping it up on the podcast, Pusha T addressed putting his Drake beef to bed and revealed that he isn’t allowed to visit the country. Noreaga joked that he “went too far” in his back and forth with the Toronto icon.

“I’m banned from Canada,” said Push before joking about the diss-slinging. “I don’t care. There is no ‘too far’! I don’t play like that—that’s why you don’t play with me… Leave me alone! Leave me be because there is no too far!” On a more serious note, Pusha didn’t detail exactly why he was not longer welcome because his manager wouldn’t allow him, but it has been speculated that it all stems from a brawl that took place in 2018.

It was then that Pusha was performing in Toronto when audience members rushed the stage and appeared to get into a fight. Pusha walked away unscathed, but things took a turn when he performed a Drake diss track, and beer started flying. Pusha later accused Drake of orchestrating the incident. You can check out some footage from that altercation and listen to Pusha T‘s latest Drink Champs episode below.