As TikTok continues to become increasingly popular, more of our favourite celebs have been hopping on the bandwagon and making “Day In The Life” videos to help their fans feel connected to them. Most recently, we received one from Quavo, who’s living the booked and busy rap star life.

“What’s happening? So this how my day start,” Huncho’s narration began, kicking off with footage of him boarding a private jet after already having been working on a film set earlier.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

“Fresh out the movie set to the jet. Cole Bennett said he need me, Lyrical Lemonade, Chicago, damn no question I’m on my way,” the 31-year-old explained, breaking down his upcoming moves for those watching.

After reaching his destination, Quavo helped his nephew Takeoff celebrate his 28th birthday (which went down on June 18th) by gifting him an astounding “three-headed monster,” or a flashy chain with the heads of all three Migos members on it.

Though Offset was included on the jewelry, he was nowhere to be found for the TikTok video, which also previewed a performance from Unc and Phew during Lil Yachty‘s set at the Summer Smash festival yesterday (June 19).

Rumours of a Migos breakup have been floating around on social media over the past few weeks, first surfacing after Cardi B and her man seemingly unfollowed Quavo, and later running rampant again after the trio cancelled their Governors Ball performance.

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Despite the gossip, though, a label representative has maintained that the recording artists are still together – read more about that here, and check out a day in Quavo’s life below.