Drake‘s been hitting us with mediocrity since 2016, and a large part of the criticism surrounds the lack of inspiration. Drake hasn’t necessarily pushed the boundary in his latest releases, which is why Honestly, Nevermind might be as polarizing as it is. Drizzy’s diving into regional electronic sounds from Baltimore, South Africa, and beyond.

Rich Fury/Getty Images 

Drizzy’s latest effort has been met with lukewarm reception so far but it’s not all hate. Questlove hit Twitter where he shared his praise for Honestly, Nevermind. Though some fans might not have any interest in having the album in regular rotation, Questlove said Honestly, Nevermind has produced enough joints to have dancefloors lit this summer.

“My relationship to new hip hop is mostly on a ‘how can this serve me & my dj gigs?’ & less about me listening as a fan. That said this @Drake jawn is a gift,” he said. “Only people not wit the program are people who don’t move their bodies. That ain’t sexy yo.”

Drake’s latest album is fourteen songs in length with a single feature from 21 Savage. The album includes production from Gordo, 40, Black Coffee, and more.

Quest wasn’t the only person who came to Drake’s defense. Jay Electronica also shut down the criticism on Twitter, writing, “Why n***as mad at Drake? This shit jammin.”

Check out Questlove‘s tweet below. How are you feeling about Drake’s new album? Let us know in the comments.