She was holding Foogiano down as he was incarcerated and fighting his cases, but it looks like Renni Rucci is no longer with the 1017 rapper. The two artists would often boast of their love with Renni even mentioning their relationship during her stint on Love & Hip Hop, but this week, new photos surfaced showing Renni getting close with rapper PG.

It didn’t take long for the internet to call her out for cheating on her man while he was behind bars, but Renni Rucci answered her critics by revealing that her engagement to Foogiano is over.

“You can’t cheat when you single,” she wrote. “What was going on with me and my relationship wasn’t really y’all business because wasn’t y’all the same people saying I was dumb for staying.. no matter what tho together or not I’m solid enough to still hold sh*t down and make sure he good and taken care of because ain’t nothing but love.”

She added, “Life happens, circumstances tear people and relationships apart, and things change. No foul done say what you want but cheating ain’t what’s going on… it’s still FREE FOO but b*tch I’m F R E E TOO [upside down smiling emoji].” That wasn’t all; after OnSite reshared Renni’s post, Love & Hip Hop Miami star Miami Tip commented that Foogiano may have been creeping.

“Good cuz he was doing typical N*gga sh*t anyway like in people dm’s and sh*t,” she wrote. “Renni a cool girl and We all deserve a man that’s all about us!and if it ain’t none we gotta be single til they come along.” Check it out below.