Rick Ross has been having a ton of fun with his latest endeavor called “The Promise Land.” For those who may not know, The Promise Land is a big compound where Ross is storing a whole plethora of vehicles, as well as some exotic animals. Fans are trying to figure out exactly what Ross is setting out to accomplish with this new compound, however, he does have at least one goal in mind which is a car show that is set to take place on May 21st.

So far, Ross has shown off a plethora of dope vehicles for the car show. Every single time he posts one on social media, fans become more and more incredulous as these vehicles become increasingly impressive. From NASCARs to tanks, Ross supposedly has it all.

Romain Maurice/Getty Images for Mr. Hospitality

Recently, Ross took to Instagram again, this time with a different car that will certainly impress all of you vintage car collectors out there. As you can see down below, he flexed a mint condition El Camino from 1959. The car looks like something out of a movie, and its spotless exterior is downright impressive when you consider how this car is over 60 years old. Needless to say, Ross takes good care of his babies.

At this point, however, nothing should surprise his fans. After debuting a Louis Vuitton tank, nothing is off-limits for the legendary artist. Regardless, with the car show about a month away, we can’t wait to see what else he will have in store for us.