In case you haven’t already noticed, the internet is a very miserable place. People hate when others are feeling happy and content with their lives, and it ultimately leads to unnecessary criticism and even some bullying. A perfect example of this was last night when Bronny James Jr. was photographed at prom with his date who just so happened to be a white girl.

Below, you can see a post from Savannah James, who was extremely proud of her son. Bronny and his date looked great and they seemed to be having a ton of fun at an event that you will only get to go to once in your life. Regardless, people felt like it was necessary to criticize Bronny for taking a white girl.

In the aftermath of these criticisms, Bronny was defended by tons of people, including Robert Griffin III. Griffin III has faced this sort of criticism in the past as he is married to a white woman from Estonia. He knows just how bad the hate can get, and as a result, he decided to make a video on the whole ordeal.

LEAVE THESE KIDS ALONE! People clowning Bronny for his prom date are just miserable. Let them enjoy their day,” Griffin said.

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