Kevin Durant had a huge year with the Brooklyn Nets, however, it ended unceremoniously against the Boston Celtics. KD is one of those players who has no problems dishing it out on social media, and that is exactly what he did recently after Stephen A. Smith said Michael Jordan made the NBA worse. KD hated this take and took shots at Stephen A., Shannon Sharpe, and Skip Bayless.

“My theory is that guys like steve, skip and Shannon have changed the game for the worse,” Durant said. “Playas like Stephen and Michael can only push the game forward.

Skip has always been a huge KD supporter but the Nets star doesn’t share the love. Having said that, Skip felt it was necessary to go after KD on social media with a clap back. Bayless said that KD embarrassed all of the people who supported him and that moving forward, he should just have fun watching his former team play against the team that swept him. 

“Hey, Kevin Durant, as an embarrassed longtime defender/supporter of yours, I just wish you’d had the same energy for the Celtics you do for your usual bashing of media critics. The Celtics made you (and me) look sorry. Enjoy watching the Finals,” Bayless retorted.

Needless to say, these two will not be becoming friends anytime soon. Bayless does make a good point though as KD continues to tweet while better teams get to play for a title.