Colin Kaepernick was given a huge opportunity with the Las Vegas Raiders this past week. The shunned NFL quarterback got to tryout with the Raiders and now, it is believed that he has a real chance of being signed thanks to an impressive showing during the workout. Kaepernick was throwing dimes to receives and he seemed nimble enough to stand in the pocket. Needless to say, Kap has remained in good shape over the last six years.

While many are excited about Kap’s potential return to the league, some are trying to pump the breaks. One such person is none other than Stephen A. Smith. The First Take host believes that Kap hasn’t done enough to warrant these opportunities. Smith notes that Kap is currently throwing to open wide receivers and that he hasn’t shown his prowess against NFL defenses.

Justin Casterline/Getty Images

“He’s throwing deep balls to wide receivers who have no corners, no safeties defending against them,” Smith said. “After 6 years gone from football, we just gone sit up there be like, ‘yea man. He should be in the NFL.’”

While Smith makes a good point, there is no doubt that Kap could be of use to a team that doesn’t have a lot of depth at the QB position aside from their starter. The Raiders are a team that could use Kap in a multitude of ways and he is also someone who could be a marketing tool to make the Raiders must-watch football.

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