Styles P was stoked to hear that Pusha T had listed him as one of the best rappers of all time during an interview on the Drink Champs podcast with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on Saturday. When asked whether Styles or Cam’ron is the better artist, Pusha confidently sided with Styles.

“Just in terms of consistency, hard lyricism,” Pusha explained, admitting that Styles may even be in his top 3. “Even gets a little conscious! But scary conscious, I don’t know, scolding conscious. He’s in my top, and been there for a long long time!”

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

As for Styles’s reaction to the compliment, he sounded off in the comments section of the clip on Instagram, admitting that it “means the absolute world” to him.

“You see this is what I do this shit for!!” he began. “I have went platinum before . I think . I do love nice shit and I’m slightly materialistic here and there .. but I’m about my people and health 1st !!! So the accolades that move most don’t move me.! But as an emcee to receive a bow back from THE GREAT @thegodrakim and receive such grand compliments from absolutely some of the greatest emcees / jdei’s such as @blackthought n @kingpush is what fuxn keeps me ticking !! Means the absolute world to me . More than any music award I could ever be presented with !! I fuxn love this thing of ours !!! I PROMISE YOU THAT !!!”

Coincidently, Styles released a remix of Pusha T & Jay-Z’s “Neck & Wrist,” last month, titled  “Set & Click.”

Check out Pusha’s comments as well as Styles’s response below.


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