Young Thug and Gunna are currently in a lot of trouble as it pertains to the law. Both men have been arrested on RICO charges that have been targeted towards 28 members of YSL. There are 56 charges in total right now, and both Thug and Gunna could be looking at quite a bit of time in jail if they are convicted. It is a very bad situation for all of those involved, and as it stands, they both remain in jail as the judge has denied bond.

There are plenty of people in the hip-hop community who are outraged by these charges. They believe they are completely unfair, especially in regards to the fact that the prosecutors are looking to use lyrics and music videos as evidence. Atlanta legend T.I. is someone who has been outspoken on this topic, and recently, he had a poignant question about these RICO cases.

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Street Dreamz

While taking to Instagram, T.I. said “why the KKK ain’t been hit with a RICO?” The KKK in and of itself is an organized crime organization as they are responsible for killings and plenty of other felonies. However, they have never been hit with widespread arrests and investigations. With Gunna and Young Thug locked up, questions like these are more pertinent than ever before.

The RICO case involving YSL is an ongoing story that will certainly go on for the next few months and perhaps even years. Stay tuned to HNHH as we will continue to bring you the latest news and updates from around the hip-hop world.