It has been a whirlwind last few years for Wendy Williams as her personal and professional lives have taken drastic turns. The world had front-row seats to the unraveling of her marriage to Kevin Hunter after it was discovered that he was carrying on a years-long affair. Not only that, but Samuels reportedly fathered a child with his mistress, making this the straw that broke the camel’s back for Williams.

During this time, the famed gossip host revealed she was living in a sober house, and later, she reportedly dealt with health issues that curbed her appearances on her series, The Wendy Williams Show. 

For months, there have been guest hosts from all facets of the entertainment industry filling in for Williams as she recovered. There were several reports stating that Williams was on the mend and making a return, while others claimed that Sherri Shepherd was stepping in to take Williams’s place. However, today (June 14), it was officially announced that Williams’s beloved series was coming to an end.

“The final original episode of The Wendy Williams Show will air on Friday, June 17th, with a video tribute to the iconic host,” a spokesperson reportedly told Entertainment Weekly. “The series comes to an end after 13 successful years in syndication.”

The outlet also reported that it was said that Williams wouldn’t be able to return to live taping until late 2023, and that just wasn’t feasible. Much of her staff is said to have signed on to work on Shepherd’s reported talk show Sherri, as the series will take over Williams’s time slot.

It is unclear what plans there are for a send-off and if Williams will be involved.

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