As he eases his way back onto the stage, Travis Scott is on the receiving end of yet another lawsuit. The Texas rapper’s legal team has been working around the clock ever since the tragedy that befell Astroworld. Nearly one dozen people lost their lives during the festival after a reported crowd surge wreaked havoc, causing the loved ones of the deceased to seek counsel. There have been multiple lawsuits filed against Scott and producers of Astroworld, but today (May 23), it was reported that the rapper was named in a suit regarding his Rolling Loud Miami appearance back in 2019. 

Court documents reportedly obtained by TMZ show that during that incident, police went backstage and told Scott to stop the show because the audience was becoming unmanageable. The outlet also shared a video of the alleged moment when officers revealed their concerns.

Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

Instead, states the lawsuit, Scott ignored the warnings and continued to hype the crowd. Marchelle Love claimed that she was injured at the show after “multiple stampedes” broke out during Scott’s performance. Love alleged that people were “suffocating, losing consciousness, fighting, and being trampled.”

She went on to accuse Travis Scott of being able to see the chaos but choosing not to interject. Love’s leg was reportedly “shattered” during the event and she blames Scott because he allegedly refused to heed the authorities’ warnings.

Scott’s spokesperson reportedly told TMZ:

“This is another blatant, cynical attempt to attack Travis, in this instance for a 3-year-old incident that is deliberately misrepresented. As even the complaint makes clear, this incident was related to a false report of a shooting mid-show, completely unrelated to Travis’s performance. The video shows police were informing Travis that the show was stopped for that reason – because of the false report – and he fully cooperated.”

“This cheap opportunism is based on a blatant lie that’s easy to detect. And it is particularly telling that this plaintiff’s lawyer didn’t even assert a claim against Travis when he originally filed the complaint on behalf of his client more than two years ago or in four prior VERSIONS of that complaint.”

Watch the video of what allegedly occurred backstage below.

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