Rumour has it that Freddie Gibbs was jumped by Benny the Butcher’s associates over the weekend. In the hours since the news hit the internet, thousands of reactions have been pouring in, many of which seem to think that it’s time for the 39-year-old Indiana native to keep his head down and focus on his music instead of getting caught up in near-constant fights.

Seeing as Gibbs appeared at his show hours after the alleged attack wearing a balaclava to hide his injuries (although his swollen eye remained visible to the crowd and their cameras), the gossip is pretty hard to refute – how else could he possibly have gotten so banged up?

David Wolff – Patrick/Getty Images 

“This Freddie Gibbs‘ second time in six months getting his ass beat while out to dinner,” one Twitter user wrote. “He gotta download UberEats at this point.”

Others teased, “Freddie Gibbs got shot at in New York, pressed in Detroit, beat up by Jim Jones goons and now beat up by Benny the Butcher’s goons. Madlib shoulda worked with Roc Marciano instead,” and “Freddie Gibbs is too old to be going through all the stuff he be going through… All he has to do is shut the f*ck up and make good music.”

Prince Williams/Getty Images

“You know it’s old head beef because nobody got shot or killed,” someone else chimed in – check out more reactions below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more hip-hop news updates.