Hollywood has a history of crazed fans or critics behaving violently with celebrities. Many of these tales go down in infamy as we’ve seen stars attacked or even killed, and others have found their homes or personal property invaded or stolen. There are plenty of reports here on HNHH about avid stalkers being arrested, but not often does a film studio receive a bomb threat.

According to TMZ, it was just 10 days ago when Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta received a phone call that caused a bit of chaos. 

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

The outlet stated that on May 13, a man called the main phone number of Tyler Perry’s sprawling film compound and told the receptionist that he wanted to speak with the media mogul, himself. The receptionist reportedly told the men on the line that he wouldn’t be able to do that, and the man became so irate that he “started talking gibberish.”

The exchange reportedly left the receptionist so shaken up that she not only hung up on the person on the line but blocked the phone number, as well. However, when she was listening to voicemails, she found a message from the unidentified caller, and in it, he made elaborate threats to bomb the location.

The receptionist was said to have immediately contacted the authorities and an investigation uncovered that the call was allegedly made by Coles Arrasheed. He was later arrested and “brought in on a felony charge,” and on his Instagram page, Arrasheed promised to share his side of the story. He claimed that Tyler Perry Studios was trying to steal his idea.

Check it out below.


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