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Vlad Tells TK Kirkland about His Greatest Purchase of All Time: A Toto Neorest Toilet (Part 22)

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Part 21:
Part 1:
In this clip, TK Kirkland talks about his friendship with former Chicago druglord, Keith “KP” Presley. He also reveals that KP reached out to him in a phone call, in order to help assess DJ Vlad’s character, before agreeing to appear on VladTV. To that, DJ Vlad shares a snippet from the aforementioned Q&A session with KP where he talks about doing a huge drug deal with a man who showed up wearing flashy clothes, with a million dollars in cash and a Benz with rims on it. This prompts the actor/comedian to share some advice about prioritizing the way that people chose to spend their money with an acronym called “F.L.Y” which means first love yourself. The message behind the acronym was intended to encourage people to invest their money in things that matter, such as their health and body rather than material things like fancy cars and clothes.

As the interview continues, DJ Vlad shares a story about a discovery that he made, while visiting a hotel in France called “La Réserve Paris.” While staying at this luxurious hotel, DJ Vlad encountered an upscale toilet called the “Toto Neorest,” which allows its users to relieve themselves without ever having to wash their hands. DJ Vlad concludes his story by stating that he purchased the toilet for his own home and people should make investments such as these rather than buying expensive clothes.

Moving along, DJ Vlad relays a fan’s question to TK Kirkland about his workout regimen which TK answers in great detail. Lastly, TK Kirkland shares his experience with flying on Spirit Airlines, a carrier service known for its super low rates on air travel.




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