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Will Smith shared a shirtless photo on his Instagram page after declaring he is in the “worst shape” of his life.

“I’m gonna be real wit yall – I’m in the worst shape of my life,” the 52-year-old father-of-three wrote in the caption of a photo revealing his beer belly.

He captioned another shirtless post:

“This is the body that carried me through an entire pandemic and countless days grazing thru the pantry. I love this body, but I wanna FEEL better. No more midnight muffins…this is it! Imma get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!!!! Teaming up with @YouTube to get my health & wellness back on track. Hope it works!”

Will’s followers tried to be helpful by sending him videos of high-impact workouts to give him motivation.

Will joked: “Y’all tryna kill me with these workouts in my DMs!! I’m lucky if I make it off the elliptical today hahaha.”

Ian Gavan/Getty Images

A midlife crisis occurs during the transition from young adult to middle-age, typically 45 to 65 years old. It is a time when men and women (particularly men) begin to struggle with their mortality and virility.

The symptoms intensify after their 50th birthday.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This period can be stressful for some individuals. They experience anxiety, or sadness, weight gain, insomnia, and fatigue. For others, midlife is an opportunity for growth and to discover personal strengths and weaknesses.

Signs & Symptoms of Midlife Crisis

Below are some signs and symptoms of midlife crisis.

  • Concerns about death or getting older
  • Feeling of boredom or discontent
  • Seeking new adventures in life
  • Low self-esteem, feeling suffocated, or boredom
  • Questioning the true meaning of life
  • Seeking romance outside of marriage
  • Sudden obsession with body weight and style of dressing
  • Spending money on items such as cars, boats or cosmetic surgery
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    Obama scales back 60th birthday bash amid surging Delta variant cases




    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    Barack Obama is scaling back his 60th birthday bash amid surging Coronavirus Delta variant cases around the country.

    The former U.S. President sparked outrage over plans for his huge 60th birthday bash with a guest list of 500 people and 200 workers at his beachfront Martha’s Vineyard estate.

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    Original plans called for a guest list of over 500 celebrities, politicians, professional athletes.

    AXIOS reports that all attendees must be tested for COVID and be fully vaccinated, but face masks are not required.

    But politicians, public figures, and social media users expressed outrage over news of the private bash.

    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    Many pointed out the hypocrisy of elites like Obama operating under a different set of rules than average Americans.

    Attendance is now limited to 200 hundred family and close friends, according to a press release from his office.

    Obama spokesperson Hannah Hankins said in a statement:

    “This outdoor event was planned months ago in accordance with all public health guidelines and with COVID safeguards in place. Due to the new spread of the delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends.”

    Obama turned 60 on Wednesday, Aug. 4.

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    Dr. Dre’s oldest daughter is homeless, living out of her car




    Photo may have been deleted

    Getty Images, Facebook

    Dr. Dre’s oldest daughter says she’s homeless and living out of her car — despite pleas to her billionaire father for help.

    LaTanya Young, who delivers food for DoorDash and Uber Eats, is living out of her car because the money she earns can’t pay her rent.

    LaTanya, 38, has repeatedly pleaded with her father for help, but she hasn’t heard from him in a year and a half.

    “My kids are staying with friends — they are not living in the car, it’s just me,” Young told the UK’s Daily Mail.

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    The single mother of four is Dre’s daughter with Lisa Johnson, who split from the Beats by Dre founder when LaTanya was five years old.

    LaTanya’s unemployment benefits expired and she began taking odd jobs to pay for her rental car.

    “I’m taking odd jobs just to make it now — I got paid $15 an hour as an assembler at the warehouse. I’m trying to keep my head above water. I’ve been in debt for a while.”

    LaTanya said she fears losing her rental car because she can’t afford the payments after moving to California from Las Vegas in search of better work.

    “The car is a pretty penny,” she explained. “It’s an SUV that costs $2,300 for three weeks and I only paid for one week.

    The rental car agency is looking for the car, but LaTanya stays one step ahead of the repo man.

    “Sooner or later they are going to take the car,” she said.

    Dre, 56, has four sons, Curtis, Marcel, Truice, and Andre Jr. (deceased), and two daughters, Truly and LaTanya.

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    ‘Friends’ Star Jennifer Aniston Says She Cut Ties with ‘a Few People’ over Vaccination Status




    Losing friends? Actress Jennifer Aniston said she cut ties with “a few people” over their coronavirus vaccination status, and insisted that people have a “moral”  and “professional” obligation to share whether or not they’ve been vaccinated.
    “There’s still a large group of people who are anti-vaxxers or just don’t listen to the facts. It’s a real shame,” she revealed in InStyle’s September cover interview, before expanding on her reasons for cutting off contacts:

    I’ve just lost a few people in my weekly routine who have refused or did not disclose [whether or not they had been vaccinated], and it was unfortunate.
    I feel it’s your moral and professional obligation to inform, since we’re not all podded up and being tested every single day. It’s tricky because everyone is entitled to their own opinion — but a lot of opinions don’t feel based in anything except fear or propaganda.

    Aniston has long been an enthusiastic supporter of coronavirus restrictions.
    The Golden Globe winner last June pleaded with her 37.7 million followers to wear a mask. “This simple and effective recommendation is being politicized at the expense of peoples’ lives. And it really shouldn’t be a debate,” she wrote on Instagram at the time.
    The Friends star revealed she received the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine on May 7.

    Despite her entreaties, it appears some Americans are choosing to live with the risk and not get vaccinated.

    Nolte: “Those who choose not to get vaccinated are almost no threat to those of us who are vaccinated, and yet they are the ongoing targets of the left’s rising bigotry, hate, and social exclusion.”

    As Breitbart News reported, as of the latest polling, 47 percent of whites are vaccinated, and 62 percent of Asians, but Hispanics sit at a much lower 39 percent, and blacks at an even lower 34 percent.
    That means that 66 percent of blacks and 61 percent of Hispanics, clear majorities, will bear the brunt of vaccinations laws, mandates, and policies as enthusiastically embraced by Aniston and her Hollywood cohorts.
    Aniston recently told People magazine about the importance she’s found in meditating “every day” as the pandemic continues.
    “I just have faith in a bigger picture, I guess,” she said in June. “And I believe in humanity, even though there’s so much to discourage us from believing in it — but I do.”

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