Days after Yaya Mayweather celebrated her birthday, her mother returns with an update about a fire. The Mayweathers have been a controversial family in entertainment, but a successful one, as well. Floyd Mayweather has created an empire not only in the sports world but beyond, and his ex, Melissia Rene, has been working hard on her businesses, as well. The entrepreneur is the owner of Rich Skinn cosmetics, a line that features products including body creams, scrubs, and candles.

Rene even opened Rich Skinn Body & Beauty Bar in Las Vegas and promoted it as a space where nail technicians, makeup artists, and lash experts could rent suites to do business. However, Rene recently suffered a setback.

At the end of March, Melissia Rene shared that the Beauty Bar was complete and ready to take on clients, but things have reportedly taken a drastic turn. On her personal and business Instagram Pages, Rene shared that her Beauty Bar went up in flames and she uploaded a brief video to show off the damages. There didn’t seem to be much that was salvageable.

“Due to a Fire that was cause here at Rich Skinn Body & Beauty Bar we will no longer be opening our doors,” said Rene. “All the hard work & time I invested to making a beautiful experience for everyone who walked through those doors have been shattered… [broken heart emoji].”

She also wrote that the fire was intentional and showed a video of someone in the act of setting the business ablaze. There have been several local reports out of Vegas about the structure fire and it was stated that two businesses in the shopping center were affected.

Check it out below.

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