It’s been a while since Kanye West logged into Instagram and expressed himself on his feed, but on the evening of Monday, June 13th, the father of four had a few words to share with his 16.1 million followers.

“THIS IS YE,” he began writing in the caption of a TikTok screenshot modelling a pair of Adidas Adilette 22’s, which retail for $55. “Driving down the same street Kobe passed on, maybe I feel that Mamba spirit right now.”

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

The 45-year-old then directly addressed the streetwear company’s CEO, Kasper Rørsted. “To Kasper, I’m not standing for this blatant copying no more,” he wrote, calling out the Adidas head for selling products similar to ones that West previously designed.

“To all sneaker culture, to every ball payer, rapper, or even if you work at the store – this is for everyone who wants to express themselves but [feels] they can’t cause they’ll [lose] their contract or be crazy. Bravery is not being afraid, bravery is overcoming your feat for your truth.”

The Yeezus artist told readers, “This Ye with the blue paint on my face,” also adding of the Adidas knockoffs, “These shoes represent the disrespect that people in power have to the talent. This shoe is a fake Yeezy made by Adidas themselves.”

West said that he wouldn’t be talking to DC about his issues, and instead, wants to speak with Rørsted himself directly. “Happy Monday,” he concluded his post.

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The last time the rapper began calling people out on social media, things became pretty messy (particularly for names like Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi), so time will tell if he has more to say, or if he simply needed to get his Adidas beef off his chest.

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