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You Know She’s Fired After This: Teacher Beats On Students Like They’re Her Own Kids While Breaking Up Fight Inside Her Classroom!

I say she deserve to apply to be the school principle bih;

Pat I only needed to read the headline and I was able to solve the puzzle of the teacher and the students;

Yeah I don’t see the problem here. She clearly is comfortable enough with both of these girls to be treating like them like they should know and do better. This is real discipline. I hope she doesn’t lose her job for keeping it real and actually taking the time to get in there and break it up;

My middle school didnt give any fvccs lol. One time I got body sIammed by a dyke dean after a fight;

Kids these days are bad. So I don’t feel sorry for them!;

So ya hating that the teacher actually acted like a parent. Thats whats f@ckin missing in todays schools;

She gave those girls what they needed…and it worked! I don’t understand why teachers should have to be fired for spanking when cops can kill and have a seat for a few weeks…;

Damn, that is a good point! I never thought of it that way. Teachers get so much disrespect from students, parents, the school board, and the law smh;

“….when you hand your keys over to valets or service techs you better be sure you can trust them….”: Viewers’ Comments.

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