It was two months ago to the date when we reported that Bam Margera finally settled his Jackass lawsuit against his former friends over the latest film, but things don’t seem to have calmed for the controversial stuntman. For years, Mergera has struggled with addiction and it has been something he has openly spoken about. There were insinuations that Margera couldn’t comply with certain rules set in place to make sure he remained sober on the set of Jackass, but he claimed he was forced to sign paperwork stating that he would agree to such implementations.

More recently, Margera was reportedly living at a rehabilitation center in Florida, however, this week TMZ reported that he left the facility and is now missing. The outlet stated that Margera “wasn’t allowed to leave” the location.

TMZ reported:

According to a Delray Beach police report, the rehab facility’s manager reported the ‘Jackass’ star missing on Monday. The manager says Bam told him he was unhappy with the place and their services … so he was splitting, which he apparently did. The report notes Bam told the manager that instead of staying there, he’d be checking himself into a different rehab center in the area … and then left the premises in a black sedan.

The problem is that Margera was in the center under a court order, meaning he left “without authorization” and now, police are trying to track him down. Staff at the rehab don’t believe that he’s a “danger to himself or others,” but it is still concerning. Margera has been reportedly staying at a sober living home and suffered an injury while skateboarding.

He was said to have become upset with the rehab facility for not “setting up his physical therapy appointments” for his broken wrist and elbow.


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