For months, artists have been firing off new records in hopes of landing the track that will become the 2022 Summer Anthem. From emcees delivering bars about the streets to rappers dropping off twerk-ready jams, we’ve seen an influx in artists sharing new singles, patiently waiting to climb the charts or go viral with a dance craze. There are several albums that music fans have been looking forward to, but after Beyoncé recently deleted her profile photo on Instagram, the rumor mill, or should we say BeyHive, began buzzing.

Throughout her career, the Destiny’s Child icon has swum against the tide and chosen to make moves that defy industry standards. She perfected the art of the surprise album and rarely sits down for an interview, but when it comes to her rollout season, it’s unlike any other.

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

After she stunned her social media followers by removing her content, TIDAL surfaced with an announcement.

July 29″

As expected, the internet became a flurry as people speculated about whether or not this would be a full-length album or a single. Both TIDAL and Beyoncé also offered another teaser by calling this release “act i,” but that’s just about all we are to receive for now. Internet BeyHive sleuths are trying to piece this one together like a mystery game and it looks as if this is an album, but we’ll just have to wait and see how Bey & Co. unfold this release in the coming weeks.

If this is an album, this will be Beyoncé’s first record in six years, since she released Lemonade back in 2016. Check out the announcement and a few reactions below.