Taxstone, host of the podcast Tax Season, was experiencing a career surge around the same he was arrested for the murder of Troy Ave’s bodyguard Ronald McPhatter. Taxstone reportedly shot and killed McPhatter in the greenroom of Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert, where Troy Ave was also in attendance, although the rapper avoided a charge.

Taxstone is currently serving his sentence at Riker’s Island, where he previously described horrible conditions at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while Tax used to stir up controversy by way of his podcast, this time it’s an appearance on Gillie and Wallo’s Million Dollarz Worth of Game podcast that has caused some strong reactions. 

During his conversation with Gillie and Wallo, Taxstone says that while he doesn’t have any beef with the radio show hosts like Ebro, he says that Ebro was “mad at me because Charlamagne helped me.” Ebro apparently saw this clip (below), and took issue with Tax’s statements, issuing a lengthy response on his show today.

“Things aren’t where he wants to be right now and I get it, it’s fine. But when you gon’ speak on me, you gotta tell the truth fam. A lot of people out here be lying on me, and my team don’t want me to talk,” Ebro starts in the clip, before elaborating that his “team” refers to co-hosts, Laura and Rosenberg.

“He referenced something with Funk Flex and Charlamagne, I don’t know nothing about that story. But with regard to me and Taxstone having problems — he says, I had problem with him cause Charlamagne helped him and I was jealous. What? That makes no sense sir. Why would I have anybody have a problem with you being helped and put on a show.”

Ebro continues, “What I had a problem with is, you thought it was a good idea to put my daughter’s mother on Instagram, out of the blue, I didn’t even know we had a problem. You put my daughter’s mother on Instagram, going after her. So I called executives at MTV and got you suspended. I didn’t get you fired. I just wanted you to know, that I could get to your pockets, stop playing with me. I’m not no street dude, we not gon’ see each other and all that bro. I’m an executive.”

Take a look at this response below, and let us know what you make of all of this.