Just a couple of nights ago, Dawson Gurley, a YouTuber best known for impersonating Klay Thompson, was banned from the Chase Center. For those who don’t know, he was banned for faking his way onto the court prior to the match. While no one was on the court, Gurley was able to get past security and take some shots.

Eventually, Gurley was spotted and he was quickly told to vacate the premises. That’s when Chase Center officials wrote a letter to Gurley, telling him that he had been banned from attending Warriors games. As you can see below, Gurley felt as though this was unjust, although it’s hard to agree given the circumstances.

Seeing as though Gurley is a YouTuber, it should come as no surprise that his trespassing was documented in a video on his YouTube channel. In the clip below, you can see that Gurley didn’t have to do much to trick staff. In fact, one security guard actually thought he was Klay Thompson and wished him a good game. It was wild stuff that should definitely have Chase Center officials questioning their staff.

With Gurley suspended indefinitely, it is clear he will not be in attendance for a potential Game 7. With that being said, he had his fun and it’s an experience he will never forget.