G Herbo is usually private about his personal issues– that’s why fans were shocked after he wrote a lengthy message on his Instagram story. The Chicago rapper snapped a picture of his background and added three different paragraphs to it. Herb, born Herbert Randall Wright III, spoke about the struggles he’s facing each and every day of his life.

The father of three wrote, “I been going thru a lot of sh*t can’t nobody help me with & ion complain about it for 1 second so from now on don’t tell me nun about yo problems I ain’t gone give a f*ck.”

He continued by remembering all of the people he’s lost in his life. “I lose friends I lost family & ppl I loved that I’ll never get back! Never cared about no other losses cuz I get too many wins,” he added.

The 26-year-old kept going with his rant by saying that one day he’ll have no more love to give. He wrote, “So when I really start showing how dark my heart could get don’t back track remember the days when my sh*t was full of love don’t call me the bad guy [100 emoji].”

He ended his post by explaining how much he despises social media, stating, “I hate the internet ion address nun on the net so this my last time talking.”

As of now, it remains unclear as to why G Herbo made this post. However, in recent news, he and his girlfriend Taina Williams welcomed their second child together last month– a baby girl named Emmy Love Wright.  

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