Isaiah Thomas is one of the biggest what-if stories in NBA history. In fact, some would say he is almost in the same breath as Derrick Rose in that regard. After having an incredible season with the Boston Celtics, Thomas got an injury that threatened to put a damper on his momentum. In the end, the Celtics rushed Thomas back a bit too soon and his injury got worse. To make matters worse, this happened after a contract dispute in which Thomas left $100 million on the table.

Thomas’ career was never the same after that as he has bounced from team to team all while eating off of 10-day contracts. Luckily, Thomas found some stability this year with the Charlotte Hornets, who really welcomed him with open arms.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Recently, Thomas threw just a tiny bit of shade at the Celtics following a report that Robert Williams was told he could play on his knee injury without making it worse. This is a scenario that Thomas knows all too well at this point, and he made sure to let his thoughts be heard on the matter.

“Heard that before lol,” he said simply.

It is easy to see why the Celtics want Williams back so soon given the fact that they are fighting for their lives in the NBA Finals. With that being said, hopefully, it doesn’t come at the expense of his health, just like we saw with Thomas a few years ago.