His star continues to rise in the industry and as a white rapper, Jack Harlow has been questioned about his views on saying the n-word. This topic has been widely debated and continues to be a point of conversation within Rap culture as many fans believe if a rapper says the n-word in a song, there shouldn’t be a problem with them singing along. Non-Black artists have also adopted the term, arguing that they aren’t using it as a racial slur therefore people shouldn’t be offended. 

Jack Harlow, on the other hand, isn’t playing games when it comes to avoiding the n-word altogether. While visiting the 85 South Comedy Show, Harlow shared that it was his mother who told him to not even utter the term as she introduced him to a Kanye West classic.

Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

“My earliest memory is my mom buying Late Registration and playing it in the car and telling me I can’t say the n-word and just me getting introduced to Hip Hop,” said Harlow. “That was it right there.”

The hosts were surprised by the revelation. 

“She was just about to play—this was the first album I remember hearing with that word. [She said,] ‘Hey, you’re about to hear a word on here. You can never say it in your life.’” The hosts joked about what it was like for a young Harlow to ask his mother which word she was referring to. “She’s like, ‘You’ll know it when you hear it.’”

“I don’t even say in my room, under my breath, never,” said Harlow. He was told, “Don’t even think it.“

“Never,” the rapper answered. Check out the clip as well as his full answer below.