Back in 2017, Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks linked up for a daily debate show called “Everyday Struggle.” This is a show that immediately made waves for being the first of its kind. Think ESPN’s First Take but instead of sports, the two debated over hip-hop. In many ways, Akademiks was the Skip Bayless of the show while Joe Budden was the Stephen A. Smith. The dynamic was pretty incredible and at times, it was as if the old generation was going up against the new school.

One of the finest moments from the show happened fairly early on in “Everyday Struggle’s” history as Budden went toe-to-toe with Lil Yachty. This segment will forever live on in infamy, and if you saw it happen live, you were in for a real treat as it was backed up with plenty of memes and fanfare.

After less than a year together, Budden left the show to continue his podcast and grow his brand. Meanwhile, Ak stayed with the show until it eventually disbanded during the pandemic. Now, Akademiks has his own podcast called “Off The Record,” and it seems like he is reuniting with Joe.

In the tweet below, Akademiks says “Reunited @JoeBudden. Tune into our both podcasts in the next week or so.” The two seemed engaged in an interesting conversation, and we’re sure they have a lot to catch up on. For fans of ‘Everyday Struggle,” this is probably the reunion they have been waiting so long for.

Both men should be dropping their own versions of this conversation soon, so definitely be on the lookout for that in the coming days.