Kevin Gates and his longtime partner Dreka have reportedly broken up. This breakup comes on the heels of numerous claims that Gates cheated on Dreka with a plethora of women. Of course, Dreka was there for Gates while he was in prison, and in her eyes, his unfaithfulness is the ultimate betrayal.

In the midst of becoming a single man, Gates decided to release a brand new freestyle called “Super General.” In this song, Gates unleashed some pretty graphic lyrics in which he speaks about wanting to do sexual acts with the likes of Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, and even Rubi Rose.

Throughout this song, Gates tried to paint himself in a positive light in regards to the Dreka situation, although as you will see in the tweets below, fans were not having that. For instance, one fan said “Kevin Gates admitted to cheating on Dreka with Renni Rucci and Brittany Renner in Super Gremlin. Prime example on how men don’t want good women, they want hoes.” Another offered some similar sentiments, stating “Fuck that lori Harvey and Michael b Jordan situation you telling me Kevin gates lefted a sista/ a ride to die for a plastic doll aint no way bra ain’t no way yall tripping leaving a black woman for a bleach bottles.”

People were certainly going hard on Gates, and the song did not help matters as some posted memes alluding to the fact that the lyrics were just a bit too extra for their tastes. Either way, it seems like Dreka has a lot of support from social media right now.

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