Kool G Rap, the legendary rapper of the group Juice Crew, is releasing a new solo album titled Last Of A Dying Breed. Kool G Rap discussed the upcoming project during an interview with National Hip Hop Museum founder and CEO Jeremy Beaver, published by HipHopDX.

“It’s self-explanatory,” Kool G Rap said when asked about the project’s first single, “Born Hustler,” featuring AZ. “Certain people just got that in their geneology, their genetics. I know of a lot of cats that just was hustlers, and hustlin’ don’t necessarily mean street game hustle. You can be a hustler and be a Wall Street hustler.”

Ollie Millington / Getty Images

He continued: “Hustler is what you call go-getters. I classify myself as a go-getter. That’s what got me doing what I do. I didn’t just decide to rap and just got in the game, and it was simple as just that. It was a long grind until I fell into the right place at the right time, right people got their hands on me and I got a situation going.”

In addition to AZ, the tracklist for Last Of A Dying Breed will include features from Big Daddy Kane, NEMS, Big, 38 Spesh and Al Skratch. The project is slated to release in August.

The National Hip Hop Museum is executive producing the album.

“As founder, I feel obligated to seek out and find projects that best preserve and honor iconic MCs like Kool G Rap,” Beaver said. “Through this project, NHHM has forged a meaningful partnership with label owner Ewing Athletics, and Kool G Rap’s new album is the best representation of this new partnership.”

Check out Kool G Rap’s interview with the National Hip Hop Museum below.


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