Russell Westbrook has been slandered quite a bit over the last year or so, although for good reason. He was awful with the Los Angeles Lakers this past year, and there is a lot of talk about whether or not he still has what it takes to be a superstar point guard. Russ has definitely heard the chatter surrounding his name, and yesterday, he took to Instagram with an audio clip of Nipsey Hussle talking about how he always tries to be himself, no matter what.

“I learned when I was younger that you can put your expectations of me on me,” Hussle says. “I’m me. You feel me? You’re not ever going to make me feel bad for it. You’re not going to make me react on how you’re reacting to me. I don’t care, I’m me. If part of who am I is crossing the line or basic things, I’m going to check myself. But we all are individuals so for you to think my balance or my ratio…I’m too this or too that or I don’t have enough of this or enough of that, that’s all love, just keep it to yourself.”

There have been rumors that LeBron James isn’t so fond of Russ anymore, however, that seems to not be the case. In the comments section of Russ‘ latest post, LeBron is right there as he wrote “HIM!! Solid as they come.” Clearly, LeBron resonated with Russ’ post, and there are no ill feelings going around right now.

Regardless, Russ will likely be traded in the offseason as the Lakers are looking to retool this roster. Russ was not the answer this year, and he certainly won’t be the answer next year, either.

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