Although Mo’Nique has since detailed her grievances with D.L. Hughley, many people are still struggling to understand her recent attacks on her peer. The internet world has carefully watched the fallout between Mo’Nique and Hughley, and it is a vicious exchange that was launched by the Oscar winner. Although Mo’Nique initially stated that she was upset about a headlining snafu that occurred during a comedy show in Detroit with Hughley, she later said that she took to the stage to disparage him because he made negative comments about her years ago.

Hughley isn’t one to take an insult lying down, so he jumped on his platforms to react. He questioned why he was her target about comedy show contracts and suggested that despite Mo’Nique’s complaints about people like Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey, she was the problem.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

Then, Mo’Nique dug deep and fired off another video to Hughley where she brought up his daughter. Hughley previously shared during an interview that when his daughter told him that a good friend had sexually abused her, he struggled to believe it. He did finally stand by her side, but he spoke on how many people often dismiss their children or others who verbalize stories of abuse. Mo’Nique used this recounting to insult Hughley.

The entire debacle has caused Mo’Nique to face an onslaught of backlash from not only the public but from her sister, Millicent Imes. In a Facebook post, the comedian’s kin told her to knock it off.

“Enough is Enough!! My Sister!! Stop the Madness!!! It’s not a good look!!” Millicent wrote in a lengthy Facebook post several days ago. Warning Mo’Nique that this drama will only bring her down, she cautioned the star, “God has Shut you down before, and believe me he will do it again!!!Let’s start by staying on topic. YOU are and have been displacing your anger on the wrong people.”

She said it was “maddening” to see Mo’Nique “embarrass” herself.

“Again, clean your house up and you’ll be set Free!!!!! Lol, I have receipts! As your old Bodyguard use to Say. .LET’S PLAY NICE!! As you say. This is all coming from a place of Love. Sister Stop!!!!” 

Read the entire message below.