An old clip from Ashton Kutcher’s hit prank show, Punk’d, has surfaced online. In the episode, which aired in November of 2003, Travis Barker was the victim. He was out on a date with his girlfriend at the time, Shanna Moakler, when a waiter came to serve them and began flirting with her, acting as if they used to date. 

Annoyed by the undercover actor’s actions, Travis told him, “Yeah, she’s used to dating (bleep).” Following this, things got heated. The waiter responded, telling him, “I don’t appreciate you calling me a (bleep).”

For years, viewers were left wondering what the rock musician had said. Many assumed it was a racial or homophobic slur– though they had no concrete evidence. 

TMZ got in touch with the actor who played the restaurant worker to clear the air. He, Ahmed Ahmed, assured the media outlet that Barker said no such thing, and detailed what truly went down. “If I recall accurately, I had said, ‘I don’t think he’s your type’ to Shanna, the ex-girlfriend.” He continued by adding, “[Travis] replied, ‘Yeah, she usually dates f*cking a**holes.”

Ahmed stated that he told Travis he didn’t like being referred to as an a**hole, which prompted Ashton Kutcher to come out and “De-punk” the entire ordeal. 

Ahmed continued to defend the now 46-year-old musician by saying, “He was super nice… If you’re out there on the internet trolling people and trying to cancel [someone] and you don’t have accurate information, make sure you do your research.”