Danieal Julez J. Smith Jr. comes from a family of entertainers. After all, his mother is the Solange Knowles, Beyoncé is his aunt, Jay-Z is his uncle, and Blue Ivy (Grammy Award winner) is his first cousin. So, it’s no surprise that the 17-year-old wanted to follow in their footsteps and take the music route. 

Josh Brasted/Getty Images

Yesterday (June 4), Julez posted a snippet of his music on TikTok for the world the hear. In the 15-second clip, he’s seen sitting in the studio wearing sunglasses and an Homme hoodie. As the bass thumped loudly, he rapped over the beat.

His lyrics were, “I had to pack that heat/She kept showing all the signs, but kept disturbing all my peace/I’m trying to feed the game to n*ggas, but they always think it’s sweet/Just like Future said a while ago, the feds just did a sweep/F*ck the London drip, we gone get our clothes shipped out from Greece.”

Since he uploaded it, several media outlets have shared the video on their platforms, bringing in over 100,000 views. The clip is currently trending on Twitter, and thousands of users have joined in and voiced their opinion on his music.

One person tweeted, “Not Julez embarrassing his uncle on his auntie’s internet.” Another chimed in, adding, “go focus on that baby julez.” This is in reference to what occurred earlier this year when a young girl accused Julez of impregnating her and telling her to get an abortion.

Check out what people are saying on Twitter below. What’s your opinion on his rhymes? Let us know in the comments.

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