Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s done plenty of questionable things in his career but it seems his recent stunt involving Lil Durk’s doppelganger Perkio is where even his closest comrades drew the line. The Brooklyn rapper shared a video of himself linking up with Perkio and “gifting” him a jacket with King Von‘s image. Of course, this was only done to irritate Lil Durk but was completely ineffective.

Alex Bierens de Haan/Getty Images 

Meanwhile, Perkio explained his side of the story, saying that he tried to link up with SteveWillDoIt of Nelk Boys to do some YouTube content, only for 6ix9ine to show up unexpectedly. SteveWillDoIt later explained that he wasn’t trying to facilitate 6ix9ine’s latest antic, nor was he going to work with the rapper moving forward. 

It seems like SteveWillDoIt is trying to make things right with Perkio. The YouTuber shared a video of himself giving a stack of cash to Perkio as an apology for what went down. “This is all the money out of my safe. I just want to give this to you to show, like, I ain’t mean no harm,” he said as he handed Perkio a wad of cash. “This is everything I got,” he added. 

SteveWill also offered him a Cartier love bracelet and matching ring before apologizing, once again.

The video was shared to Tafia’s Instagram page who said that SteveWillDoIt stood on his word. “@stevewilldoit made the whole situation beyond right and I appreciate u for standing on ya word! U proved me wrong, u are a good person and u have my upmost respect! He gave @darealperkioo some bread, some crypto currency for him and his family and told him to pick out any pair of shoes his size and keep them all from @benjaminkickz AND gifted him 2 buss down CARTIER Bracelets! I didn’t want or gain anything from this. I just wanted to make things right! I’m satisfied and happy,” he captioned the post.

Check it out below.