Deyjah Harris is the daughter of Atlanta rapper, T.I. Thousands of people know her from the family’s reality television show, T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle. In the series that aired for six seasons, Deyjah was seen as shy and not as talkative as her other siblings. Throughout the years, she’s been vocal about her mental health struggles and hopes to get better.

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Yesterday (June 17), Deyjah celebrated her 21st birthday. She was acknowledged and spoken highly of by thousands of fans, as well as those who know her personally. However, one family member, in particular, didn’t have many kind words for the Atlanta native.

Her cousin, who goes by Mecie, posted on her IG story and said, “Happy 21st birthday to my snake a** lil cousin,” followed by tagging Deyjah. Disgusted by her snarky remarks, she re-shared her cousin’s post and said, “… I thought you were better than that… I thank you for the birthday post even though we both know it wasn’t genuine.”

In response to Deyjah’s post, her cousin posted videos explaining her actions. “I knew I was baiting her in,” she started, “one thing Dae Dae likes is negativity.” She continued by stating that every year she wishes Deyjah a happy birthday, but gets no response– nor does she repost it. Deyjah, again, shared the videos and wrote, “So [you’re] in your 30’s… you’re upset because someone didn’t repost your birthday message?”

The social media outlet, The Neighborhood Talk, shared the entire incident on their page, which prompted Deyjah to issue a statement. To clarify, she wrote, “…this is my mom’s side of the family… i apologize to anyone who had to see me go back and forth with my own blood, that’s sad.”

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Following their dispute, Deyjah’s mom hopped into the mix. She posted on her story and wrote, “I GOTTA’ LIL PUNK A** COUSIN WHO BETTER MOVE TF AROUND BEFORE THE OLD ME POP UP AND SHOW HER JUST HOW NEGATIVE SH*T CAN GET.”