Despite what some reports may say, there are several Hip Hop artists who are doing their part in curbing violence within the culture. Some rappers have sparked initiatives, foundations, and charities, while others regularly host events in small communities, do giveaways for marginalized neighborhoods, and work with community leaders to bring peace between warring gangs.

Rap legend Twista caught up with TMZ and spoke about his “The Gun Camp” course where he teaches people about firearms with the hopes that they will develop not only respect for weapons but will no longer see them as something that needs to be feared.

“I learned about firearms like a lot of other people had, so I had negative perceptions, but once I became a firearms instructor and a competitive shooter and just got in it from a different angle, I was able to see firearms from a different view, and it gave me the passion to want to go out and teach people, as well as the youth, about firearm safety and just educate them about firearms overall so that people would have a different perception about firearms. :

He added that this education, he hopes, will help others think differently about the use of firearms—most notably, being “defensive-minded” and protecting others “more so than things of negativity.”

“Once you’re educated about firearms, some of these things that you look at that seem so scary, won’t be as scary and you’ll also have positive thoughts about what to do with them instead of negative.” When asked why a civilian would need certain weapons like AR-15s or similar firearms, Twista explained that there are groups of people who compete and have no intention of ever using them in daily life.

Watch Twista preach the importance of firearm safety and education below.

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